What are ViewfinderMasks, how do they work, why are they important?

ViewfinderMasks are a set of crop lines applied to the focusing screen of your DSLR camera or LCD of your Mirrorless camera, which allows exact image sizing for your application. We service many industries, event/school/wedding photography being the most prominent.

The lines are engraved to the focus screen, filled with paint, cleaned and then ready to install into the camera. Each screen is individually engraved and our repeatability is within several thousandths of an inch. This means our masks will always match the last one. Once installed and you look through the eyepiece you will see the lines on the focus screen. Since the lines are relative to the aspect ratio of the camera (generally 2x3 sensor format) it doesn't matter what length lens you use, fixed or zoom, crop to the lines, what you see is what you get. All images will be consistent in size to the crop used. Multiple shooters will come back with consistent size and centered images.

Why are they important? ViewfinderMasks are a workflow solution used on every single picture taken. Sizing the image properly in the camera important to that end.

You pay the photographer to take the picture, then you pay the retoucher to resize the image the photographer just took. Does that make sense to you? What if the photographer could have taken it the right size in the first place? Having our masks in your camera allows that photographer to size properly.

ViewfinderMasks ends the senseless costly hours behind the computer resizing images which means the job goes to print much sooner.


Another benefit as reported by so many of our client is you shoot through the job faster. Why? Because you zoom to the lines and take the shot. No more guessing of size which allows you to concentrate more on the subject.