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       Tradeshow Schedule 2023

 Selling and Installing Masks,On-site Sensor Cleaning

ImagingUSA  Nashville  Jan 22-24  Booth 761

SPAC             Las Vegas Jan 25-28  Check-in  Counter

Texas School Dallas April 23-28 Entrance to Tradeshow

Mirrorless LCD Masks   
Adding to our line of focusing screens for your DSLR cameras, we now have flexible crystal clear LCD overlays imprinted with our masks for your Mirrorless cameras. Made from special screen protector material they are user installable, removable and reusable. Like cell phone screen protectors they protect your cameras LCD while allowing all touch functions to work and at 98.5% transmissibility!
The price is $150 per mask.
949 573 7339 for more info. 


The LCD Masks are printed in blue ink. Shooting indoors the lines appear black because they are backlit by the LCD. Shooting outdoors the blue color iridesces under sunlight, much easy to see compared to black ink.

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