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Please CALL or TEXT for ordering and/or questions.                          Scott   949-573-7339


LCD Masks for Mirrorless Cameras           $150 per camera

  Any mask design

Composite ViewfinderMasks                  $225 per camera 

  These are any mask with multiple formats

  such as the chin cup/line/box/oval and   

  custom/duplicate masks.

     Volume Discounts                      $195 per camera 

        start at 10 cameras.               

        Call for more info 949 573 7339

Single Format ViewfinderMasks              $195 per camera

  These screens have a single format only, 

  such as 8x10 or 5x7 or Square etc.

Sensor Cleaning                            $ 75 per camera

Sensor Cleaning with Mask purchase         $ 55 per camera


  cost depends on weight, distance            

  and insurance. We can ship under your

  account if you like. FEDEX, UPS, USPS 

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