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Our Most Popular Masks

The three masks to the right are the most popular. The first two are perfect for all school, sports, event and wedding photography. The lines set up for full length, head and shoulder/executive portrait, and group shots. The group shot setup sizes the group so one capture covers both 5x7 and 8x10 without ever cutting anyone off.  See images on home page for examples. These masks are well balanced when shooting vertical or horizontal

These two masks are similar to ones above but have the entire box and oval. We recommend these masks if you dedicate the camera to head and shoulder work. They work the same as above but when shooting horizontal they are not as well balanced, the box and oval tend to draw your eye in their direction. 

                       The "Marion" Mask

THE most popular mask for head and shoulder images. Allows you to turn heads left, right or straight towards the camera while centering head between the two ear lines. 

          Chin Cup

Chin goes in the cup, Top of head to the short line above it. Sized and centered. This mask permits the head to be straight towards the camera only.

Our 8x10 Mask. Size and center every 8x10 in the viewfinder. No guessing, no resizing, no cutting off Aunt Ethyl. The two lines show exactly where software will crop for 8x10. Frame off the lines for custom border distance. As with all our ViewfinderMasks, batch file to 8x10 crop in software and your done. 

Sports Specific Masks

Sports shooters...don't need a chin cup or chin line? Check out these screens. The first screen on right has a head line coming down through the nose for centering and to keep head straight. (If you are doing some head shots we recommend the masks above with the chin line or cup)

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