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The "Marion Mask" is named after one of the most knowledgeable people in all aspects of the event/school/sports/lab/workflow business, Marion Hughes. Most of you in the business any amount of time probably know him. If you haven't met him he truly is one of the nicest and helpful people you could ever hope to meet.   


However... Marion comes to me at a trade show a few years after the switch from film to digital and says Scott you need to start making the mask design that is now know as the "Marion Mask" and I say I have that design no one wants it. He says to make it. So a few months later he sees me at another trade show and asks again if those masks were made yet and of course the answer is no, nobody is asking for them. This happened for like 4 times over 6 months. We did lots of trade shows in those early days.


The real reason I hadn't made them was it was the early learning curve years for my process and it was very time consuming to make one screen and I thought why would I work so hard to make 100 to add to stock when nobody was asking for them?  

Wouldn't you know... orders started trickling in for his mask design. Well of course the orders came in, Marion was telling everyone to order it.

Fairly perturbed, no, perturbed that so many had to be made and with had no choice left but to add those masks into stock I decided to call them the Marion Mask as a few choice expletives could be heard on many nights at the engraving machine.


It's our best selling screen by far. Sigh.


Visit Marion at his website (click WiBET) and check out his nifty White Balance and Exposure Target gadget called the WiBET. Proper color rendition and exposures start with white balancing. Need some studio help, workflow consulting, general info? Call Marion 662.298.6957


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